Aunty Esther Salted Egg Sichuan Mala Fish Skin Crisps 100g


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Each pack contains Aunty Esther's signature hand-made Salted Egg Sichuan Mala Fish Skin Crisps, coated with the best ingredients, 100% real salted egg yolk, with no added preservatives. Savoury, addictive, crispy and non-oily. Each bite is irresistibly tasty! Aunty Esther's, the pioneer in salted egg snacks! 

Málà is a popular flavour of spice in Asia, best described as tongue numbingly hot in taste. Cravings for málà were first popularised by málà hot pot and then with the trend of málà xiang guo (a stir-fried version of málà hotpot) outlets, which have become a permanent fixture in food courts all around Asia. 

Product of Singapore.