Five Pagodas Ya-Hom Powder 12x0.8g


Five Pagodas Ya Hom Powder brand is a 100% natural mix of minced herbs. It helps within few minutes after various poisoning and intoxication, relieves stomachache, heartburn, flatulence, diarrhea and nausea. Moreover, Ya Hom is useful as a general tonic, refreshes and improves the concentration of attention when you exhausted.

Due presence of components improving digestion, Ya Hom also helps after overeating and indigestion.

Another notable ability of Ya Hom Five pagodas is its ability to help with such specific intoxication as a hangover. All-natural components quickly relieve all symptoms of this unpleasant condition.

- 100% natural
- Helps within few minutes
- Easy to use
- Relieves stomach discomfort and headache
- Restores strength

How to use:
Adult: Take one spoon of powder, 3-4 times per day with warm water
Children: Take 1/2 spoon of powder, 3-4 times per day with warm water.

Product of Thailand.