Mamee Chef Curry Laksa Noodle 4x95g Pack

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First of its kind in Malaysia. Quality noodles made with the Art of Mi Tarik (technology that emulates ‘la mian,’ or hand-pulled noodles) based on a deep understanding of Malaysian food and spices.

The noodles came out extremely nice – gauge and texture are magnificent – Nice chew and mouth-feel. The broth is superb, has a nice curry flavour that is not too strong but very present. The broth has a heartiness to it and a nice heat level; pretty accessible for most folks. I really like the strong cumin flavour as well. The garnish was nice – it included green onion as well as tofu puff which hydrated and was almost identical to the tofu puff added, minus the size of course. Delectable! This is halal certified.

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Product of Malaysia.