Oloiya Bak Kwa (Gold Coin) 250g


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One pack of 250g Pork Bak Kwa contain 8-9 pieces.

How did it all start?

Oloiya is one of Malaysia’s most popular brands of bak kwa or bakkwa (pork jerky), started in the 1970s with a humble cup of orange juice.

“O Loi Ya! O Loi Ya!” (Here I come! Here I come!) is what a Taiwanese customer would shout every time he’d get an orange juice from Khue Chow Kong’s stall in Kuala Lumpur. Eventually, the two men became friends and Khue gave the secret of his orange juice, and in exchange, the customer shared his recipe for bak kwa.

Originally from China, bak kwa is marinated meat – most often pork - that has been dried and grilled. The result is a sweet and salty glistening treat, packed with flavour. This is an absolute must try/must have Chinese New Year snack.