Red Chef Pandan White Curry Noodles 4x115g Pack


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Made with fresh, natural ingredients. Rated 5 out of 5 stars by The Ramen Rater. “The broth was interesting - definitely detected the Pandan’s nutty taste. Spicy and rich white curry with a great broth and strong finish”. Elevated by using the popular Asian plant called Pandan, it adds an additional depth of flavours and its aromatic fragrance tantalized your taste buds even before tasting it thus making it a more delicious experience. Paste is formulated with 15 types of spices from several countries, together with other fresh ingredients such as fresh garlic, fresh onions and shrimp paste. The paste is then infused with Fresh Pandan Leaves to give that elevated aroma that is light and fragrant. The outcome of cooking each packet of Red Chef Pandan White Curry Noodles is similar to the freshly served noodles that is cooked from scratch.

Product of Malaysia.