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Tiger Balm Plus Ointment 19g


Tiger balm red is considered as the best traditional multipurpose Asian analgesic that is very effective when it comes to the treatment sinus tissues, insect bites, and a wide range of deep muscle tissue complaints. Tiger balm red is more effective than the mild tiger balm white because it has three additional ingredients that guarantee deep penetrating pain relief. The three extra ingredients include; Cassia oil, demetholised mint oil, and Cajuput oil. These natural ingredients are easily found in Asia, and that is why it has been difficult for other companies around the world to produce a similar product.

Tiger balm red is absorbed over time when applied liberally helping you relieve tension, stress, and muscular niggles within 15 minutes. As a result, tiger balm red is largely applied when it comes to treating deep muscle tissue damage and persistent sprains. The ointment has for a long time been used as a natural pain reliever with proven results making it a well established brand around the world. Herbal ingredients are largely used to manufacture tiger balm red, and that is why the ointment is normally associated with minimal side effects as compared to those made using inorganic ingredients. In fact, tiger balm red was not available to other parts of the world during its initial years of existence. However, the emergence of international trade through globalisation made the product to be available to other parts of the world.

- Application for muscle pain
- To relieve joint pain
- Relieving aching muscle
- To fight rheumatism

Product of Singapore