YiJiangNan Rose & Wolfberry Tea (Pink) 320g

$13.50 $14.50

The aroma of whole bud rose mixes with the sweetness of wolfberry. Roses are known for improving blood circulation and regulating the function of the liver and lungs, and wolfberries are believed to be very good for the kidneys. If our skin lacks lustre, we have dark spots or uneven skin tone, or we are suffering from menstrual irregularities or severe menstrual cramps, these can be symptoms of poor blood circulation and/or weakened kidney function. Rose & wolfberry tea can help improve these conditions.

Suitable for people who:
- have strained eyes or blurred vision
- use digital devices or drive for long hours
- desire for better skin and youthful appearance
- have stressful lifestyle and poor sleep quality

Product of China.