Searching for a gift for a loved one or client?

By Tamie Tui  •   4 minute read

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Finding the right gift for a loved one or your client can be stressful - where do you look and what do you look for in a gift? At Just Go Shop, we've sent many care boxes and gift boxes across the country. We breakdown how we personally decide on a gift and give a couple sneaky tips on how to find out what your loved one is currently hearting and shopping for!

What to look for in a gift:

  1. For loved ones, have a think about what they like to eat/to buy/to use. Food is generally a good go-to but be mindful that food is a very personal choice.

  2. For clients, it can be hard to gage what they like so go for generic items eg. what would they use for work or if it's food related stick to the popular or general flavours.

  3. If you want the gift to be a little more special, see if you can get it customised with their initials.

  4. If it's a product that can not be customised, consider a personalised note. Some companies offer this for free. We are happy to write a note on a small gift card for you at Just Go Shop. Just leave us a note at checkout and we'll pop it in the parcel for you!

  5. Sneaky tip: If you really want to know what your loved one wants, listen carefully to what they've been talking about lately and casually ask for more information (don't be obvious). It could be when they're looking on their phone or laptop and you can casually ask, 'What are you shopping for?' or 'What are you looking at?' Or you can also ask their best friend/partner to do some investigating for you!

  6. If you're really really stuck and really can't decide, consider curated gift boxes where all the work is done for you...

What's in a box - why gift boxes:

  1. It's all in the one place and shipped out in the one beautiful packaging box - no need to worry about the wrapping part.

  2. Gift boxes are curated so the products included are centred around a specific theme so you can easily search under a theme that suits your loved one or if you are looking for a type of gift eg. candy.

  3. It's all been thought out for you so you don't have to search high and low or decide on the gift.

  4. Usually has one shipping cost or free shipping vs if you're shopping across different brands - shipping can add up, not to mention the products might not turn up at the same time.

  5. In general, a gift box is more economical as it's all bundled in the one price and costs less than the RRP of the individual items together and you won't have the added expense of having to buy the wrapping, ribbon and card etc.

There are some gift box companies that specialise in the one type of themed gift boxes eg. baby themed gift boxes or chocolate gift boxes or branded corporate gift boxes. With so many choices out there and it can be hard to choose a gift box company to go with. Perhaps have look at the specific products they have in the boxes - special or limited edition boxes will make it more special as there are a limited number so that the recipient will be owning something that not many other people may get. We've partnered with gift box company, Just The Thought because:

  1. Their box range won't always be the same

  2. Boxes are well thought out and beautifully packaged

  3. They have some products and brands that aren't readily available here

  4. Each box comes with a postcard you can use to send yourself or they can handwrite for you for FREE

  5. Their candy jars come with a cute little message label (randomly chosen) - sure to bring a smile to anyone's face every time they see it. Not to mention the jars are premium and reusable for the pantry!

Gifting need not be a stressful thing, rather it can be lots of fun. The best thing is the reaction - whether you buy it for yourself, a loved one or for your client, it'll be a great surprise and delight for anyone to receive.

Happy gifting!

PS. There's nothing wrong with spoiling yourself either! We do!

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