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Just Go Shop's RSA Commitment

Responsible Service of Alcohol
Selling alcohol brings with it a great responsibility to you and to the community at large. As a committed, responsible community member we actively pursue harm minimisation strategies and continually develop new initiatives in terms of alcohol safety. We acknowledge that safe alcohol consumption is ultimately the responsibility of you as an individual, however it is also our responsibility to abide by the strict policies and procedures that governs all Australian liquor retailers.

ID25 Policy - Proof of age verification
As a part of our commitment to the responsible service of alcohol, we enforce the checking of proof of age identification. We take the responsible service of alcohol very seriously and want to make absolutely sure that we only sell alcohol to people of the proper legal age (18+). To be on the safe side I.D. is required if you look under 25 and this is enforced required for home deliveries. Please don't take offence if we ask you for I.D. Think of it more as a compliment because you look under 25.

Intoxication Policy
We cannot sell or supply alcohol to a person who is intoxicated so we will refuse service if we believe you are intoxicated.

Secondary Supply Policy - Don't buy it for them
Secondary supply is the most common way young people obtain alcohol; this is where an adult purchases alcohol on behalf of a person under the age of 18. It is against the law to provide or supply alcohol to a minor on a licenced premises. We will refuse service if we believe an adult is purchasing alcohol on behalf of a minor or will supply alcohol to a minor. We will do the same if we believe the purchase is for an intoxicated person. We will always err on the side of caution in the interest of safe and responsible service of alcohol.

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