Why Celebrity Chefs Love This Asian Blue Tea

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Blue coloured Malaysian dessert and blue tea

Tea is renowned for its antioxidant properties and is a staple in Asian diets. Today we're profiling the unique plant based superfood, Blue Butterfly Pea - consumed as a tea or used in its potent powder form. This bright blue edible flower has been consumed and used in Asian medicine for centuries. Its numerous health benefits (supported by modern science might we add) include improving eyesight, hair growth, anti-ageing properties for the skin, stress relief, pain relief, as a diuretic and even as an aphrodisiac. You can read about its many benefits here.

Blue Butterfly Pea has also been used as a natural food colourant for centuries and is actively embraced by chefs and foodies around the world not just for it's amazing natural benefits but for its ability to tint a dish blue - think blue coloured rice, blue coloured Chinese desserts, blue coloured popsicles, blue coloured lamingtons, blue coloured bread, blue pasta (a great alternative to the squid ink) - the possibilities are endless! We have it on good authority that award winning dishes have included the use of Blue Butterfly Pea to make an aesthetically creative looking dish.

As for the taste, it's not very pronounced but has a slight earthy taste similar to green tea. And here's a fun tip, add lemon to the tea not just to add taste to the tea but to see how it changes the the colour of the tea also (hint - your kids will love to see it)!

If you're not completely convinced, may we also mention that Chris Hemsworth's health and fitness company, Centr also uses the Butterfly Pea Powder/Butterfly Pea Tea. With input from My Blue Tea, Palisa Anderson developed a recipe to detox and get their team and clients into shape - a colourful, colour changing superfood that can also aid weight loss - what's not to love!

*This is not a sponsored post however we do supply My Blue Tea's Butterfly Pea Powder and Tea. Images are from My Blue Tea's website. 

Blue Butterfly Pea Flower blue tinted desserts and rice dishes


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