Bakwa - A Delicious Pork Jerky Snack Not Just For Chinese New Year

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Bakwa - A Delicious Pork Jerky Snack Not Just For Chinese New Year

Bakwa or bak kwa (meaning dried meat) is barbecued pork (or pork jerky) that usually comes in square slices. This salty-sweet dried meat is said to have originated in ancient China (specifically in the Fujian province) and eaten as a luxury item during Chinese New Year as it wasn't something that everyone could afford. Originally marinated with sugar and spices and then cooked over hot plates, the Malaysian and Singaporean versions have a more smokey taste as they're grilled over charcoals. There are two types of bakwa - minced pork and sliced pork. The minced pork version tends to be juicier due to the higher fat content whilst sliced pork versions are generally leaner and therefore chewier on the bite. 

A 35 year old family recipe perfected over the years

The process of making these slices of yumminess can be very time consuming and bigger companies are able to utilise machinery to help cut down on production time. And then there are the small handmade businesses that use a family recipe they've perfected over the years much like Roastdfunkd's range of premium bakwa. Headed up by Kenneth, a fifth generation Klang native from Malaysia, he and his family have tirelessly tested and perfected their family recipe over the past 35 years. Kenneth is multi-talented - having a professional background in finance, he is also an exhibiting Sydney artist on top of being a foodie, passionately making his range of meat products including nuclear char siew, slow roasted crackling pork belly and of course his range of bakwa. 

For those that have already devoured Roastdfunkd's bakwa, you may have noticed each pack is individually handwritten on by Kenneth with the flavour. Next time you order a pack, have a look at his writing we think it's art in itself (testament to his artistic side) - we'd love to make his writing into a font if we could! 

Graffiti like artistic handwriting of word roasted

The bakwa is also double vacuum packed and only made to order so that the bakwa reaches you as fresh as possible. Best served with your favourite cold beverage and perfectly paired with our range here

Eat by itself or add to your favourite dish

Though it's traditionally consumed by itself straight from the box/pack there's no reason why you can't use it as an ingredient in your favourite dish. As bakwa is both sweet and salty in taste (and now comes in different flavours and meats) you can use it both in sweet and savoury recipies - the possibilities are endless:

  • Use it as an alternative to bacon eg. as a side to freshly toasted waffles or sprinkled on top of your favourite salads 
  • Use it in place of the traditional meat pattie in burgers
  • As the meat component in your favourite sandwich
  • As a pie filling
  • Pizza topping
  • Sprinkle on top of your congee

We've seen some amazing creations from food bloggers around the world embracing this snack and using it as an ingredient. As bakwa is becoming more and more well known around the world, we're loving seeing this popular Chinese New Year snack consumed not just once a year but at any time someone wants to. 

Great as a gift

Thought these moorish morsels of smokey meat are traditionally devoured during Chinese New Year? Well we feel that if you love to eat something, you needn't wait for a particular time of year to eat it! Sharing is caring, so if you have a loved one that is a bit of a 'meat-o-saur', foodie and/or Malaysian food lover then we think these are definitely gift worthy. Let us know if you're purchasing this as a gift for someone and we can write a special message on a gift card for you when you place an order (no extra cost for this). 

Vacuum packed Roastd Funkd bakwa (pork jerky) in different flavours

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's important to have a well balanced diet - consume things in moderation.

Check out which bakwa items we have available here


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