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Lee Bakwa Premium XO Pork Jerky Spicy Level 3 200g


Note: This is an made-to-order and the product will be despatched within 2-3 business days and up to 5 business days in times of high volume.

We are proud to be bringing to our customers this locally made pork jerky. To get this product to you as fresh as possible, please bear in mind it's an made-to-order item only

Lee Bakwa Premium XO Pork Jerky (Malaysian Petaling Street-Style Bakwa/Long-Yoke) is deeply marinated and cured to perfection, expertly BBQ’d added a wonderfully smoky aroma finished off with yummy charred bits and level three spiciness! 🌶️🌶️🌶️ This traditional ready-to-eat snack, uses a 34 year old family recipe and goes beautifully paired with your favourite beverage. Perfect as a gift for your family, friends and business partners.

The product comes packed in hyper hygienic vacuum-sealed packaging for optimum freshness and extensive guidelines on how to prepare and consume. It comes in four flavours - originallevel 1level 2 and level 3.

No artificial food colouring nor any preservatives are used in the making of this product - sourced from all-natural produce, from premium cuts of leg and shoulder. NOTE: the recipe contains soy & alcohol - although peanuts are not part of the recipe, it may contain traces of this.

A must try!

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Product of Australia. (proudly supporting another Malaysian small business)